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Experience plant-based cuisine at Raw Love in Tulum, Mexico, a sustainable vegan oasis offering a diverse menu, rejuvenating smoothies, and refreshing juices.

Where food has a story....

RAW LOVE TULUM is a 100% plant-based cafe.

All of our dishes are crafted with a balance and respect towards the different textures and tastes.

Our food is pure and organic. 

We offer vegan / plant-based catering for events & in-house RAW LOVE private dinners & events.

We are 100% plant-based free of refined sugar. dairy, preservatives, and (except for honey) we don't use any animal products.

We make everything on the menu from scratch, with all the love we have, we choose to source our ingredients organic and local whenever possible. 

We strive to be chemical free from our dish soap and cookware to our produce disinfectant.

We compost and recycle, and ask that you think twice before choosing to use biodegradable disposable containers and straws. 

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